About sesner.com

Daniel Giebel

City reports, advertising slogans, nightlife columns, PR copy, restaurant critiques, album reviews, presentations, lifestyle interviews, entire corporate mags or ghostwriting – in almost twenty years in my line of work as an author, copywriter, editor, translator and wordsmith-at-large I’ve been able to hammer many things into my keyboard. But I never took the time for a website of my own.

And then I did: Since the beginning of 2016, I am publishing the most diverse posts in beautiful irregularity at sesner.com to showcase the versatility of my world and my work – words, pics and sounds about things and people that excite or stun me, make me cry or laugh. And all that without advertising banners, affiliate links, SEO and cookies.

For a quick overview of some of my professional work, simply go to the Jobs section here at sesner.com. Whoever wants to get in touch with me about sesner.com and/or professionally is invited do so via LinkedIn, where my various employers, clients and projects are listed. Or simply send me an e-mail.

Daniel Giebel aka Sesner

*Sesner was and is my DJ moniker under which I’m also known across the web: