Finds with Fiends

I recently got invited to DJ at Finds with Fiends, a web radio show hosted by my friends Hade and Owner. I played a selection of CDs from my 90s ambient and IDM archive.

Hade and Owner have gotten themselves involved in that modern vinyl digging scene where you seek out records for their scarcity value rather than for them having crazy cool drum breaks or great unheard songs. Just kidding of course, they play a lot of really interesting unknown music in their show on Düsseldorf web station Callshop Radio.

These days I don’t spend much time on digging. But I recently freed all my old CDs from their »jewel cases« (nothing precious about ’em) and stored them in folders, with one focused on my discs from the Golden Age of ambient and »intelligent dance music«, as it was called, by labels like Warp or R&S and artists like Biosphere, Autechre or The Orb.

When I told Hade about this, he invited me to their special that happened one sunday in mid-june at his crib. After my set at the start, the other guests Monibi and Teurofunk played their selections, with the hosts rounding things off at the end. A versatile affair – from my chill-out to North African music or 80s reggae and New Beat. Good fun!