Love Will TR Us Apart

I have recently been reunited with an old favorite: The classic Adidas Marathon TR in a white and silver guise. Felt moved enough to take some pics and write a post about it.

What are your favorite sneakers? If shoes are not only a personal pastime but also a professional one, the question is dropped in many conversations. I’ve never really been one to pinpoint the pair I loved the most. My all-time faves. The ones.

That being said, the Adidas Marathon TR is up there with the best. I had my first pair as an early teen, the original blue version with the silver stripes – something that stood out just as much as that ingenious trefoil traction pattern from the sole.

The Marathon has always been a special shoe. Created at a time when the technization of sportswear had just taken off, and still as slender as possible in the way of the late 70s running style, it was never a huge hit but has never really left either.

Over the decades, I’ve had them in many variations. After a few years of abstinence – in which the shoe had only seen a few releases – I have recently snatched a pair from the UK in white and silver. Wearing them is like hugging an old friend, really.

A friend that’s had a bit of work done. The Dellinger web isn’t spread over the full midsole, a bold detail that I always liked. And the tongue is not padded anymore which takes away some comfort but gives the old TR a bit of a modern edge.

The “healthy shoe” vibe of this egg-shell (can’t call it off-white in 2018) upper, the icy silver heeltab and stripes plus that ye olde techwear vibe of the sole and its trefoil teeth … something tells me it won’t be my last reunion with the Adidas Marathon TR.

Thanks to Hade for helping with the pics!

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