Summer’s Almost Gone Mix

That massive summer of 2018 is slowly coming to an end – to wave a last sweaty goodbye, I have compiled one hot cassette side full of recent personal bittersweet summer favorites.

In what might have been the hottest year ever, Germany has experienced an endless and merciless summer of the kind I remember only from my holidays as a kid in Italy. We’re talking 96 degrees in the shade mode practically since April, including sweaty sheets and sticky tarmac and at least one round of ice cream every single day. Or beer. Or both.

As a sun worshipper, I have tried to savor every single moment of this hot ride and to spend as much time outside as possible. While doing so, I picked up a good number of vinyl records at flea markets, in a thrift store in Holland and even in the basement of my parents-in-law. And all these records became the soundtrack of this long, hot summer.

From some of my favorite tracks on all these records I have now compiled a 45 minute set to see off this beautiful fever dream called Summer of 2018 before it’s gone for good.

Thanks to Hade for the technical support. For a download just drop me a quick e-mail.