Mephisto for Praise Mag

My personal highlight in the recent PRAISE issue No. 10 is now up for an online read – the 16-page feature about the very special brand Mephisto and their Rainbow model.

Teacher shoe, pensioner shoe, grandma shoe – I know every cliché about the Mephisto Rainbow. And still – or maybe because of that – I’ve been celebrating the company and their iconic shoe on the quiet. As the Roots drummer and producer Questlove once stated in a feature about Prince: “Unusual footwear is the most definitive rebel statement one can make in hip-hop.” And well, I do know a little bit about unusual footwear.

That’s why I instantly proposed a cover story in the last year when Caiza from Säck und Nolde told me about his plans to create special editions of the Rainbow for some of the more advanced sneaker stores. The whole thing finally came together with the last issue of PRAISE that I led as chief editor  – and my feature about the “comfy contrarians” with stunning pics by Frederike Wetzels and Patrick Essex is now up for a free online read over at PRAISE. – only in German though! Hit me up if you need a summary in English!

Photos by Frederike Wetzels and Patrick Essex, courtesy of PRAISE Magazine.