Another Round of Shoe Talk

With each issue of PRAISE, another video round-table of “The Sneakers Society” is shot. Seven people drink, smoke and chat about shoes. For this one I had a seat at the table.

I’ve already made clear here that the tenth issue of the mag was special for me. So I was happy when I got invited to the show on the launch day of No. 10.  Also there were three dudes from our camp – anchorman Rami, vintage selectah Lutz and our Max of all trades – plus blog lady Lena, styler Simon and photo- and choreographer Koone from Berlin.

The whole affair got more wild the more we drank – my personal highlight was this slightly too long stare between Rami and me, which I just had to turn into a gif:

According to Rami, I didn’t talk enough the last time I was on the show, so this time I didn’t quite shut up at all, which might also be the cause of that thousand-yard-stare. Thanks for having me one more time! The whole feature is here – it’s in German though:

Pic courtesy of @wrongcopy – Thanks!