Praise Mag No. 10 is out now!

Today marks the release of the last of three issues of PRAISE that I supervised as chief editor. And this number 10 has pretty much become the mag I always wanted to make.

My duty as a substitute chief editor ran since last fall – now this tenure ends with a true bang, since the Intro publishing house is closing and the future of PRAISE is uncertain.

Either way, now is the time to celebrate an issue that the team and I can ever be so proud of. Just as I wrote in the preface to the issue (I translated it here – the mag is in German):

Without belittling our previous nine offerings: Praise No. 10 has in many ways become the issue we always had in mind. Brimming with topics we wanted to present for a long time. Shoots that we’ve been meaning to realize for ages. And interviews that were long overdue. Like our two cover stories that feature two very different players in the footwear game, Fila and Mephisto. Like the fashion spreads by renowned Berlin photographer Vitali Gelwich or the newcomers from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. And not least the talks with Tornschuhjette, Till Jagla and Willy Iffland, who have all left their traces in the German sneaker und streetwear landscape in the last years.”

And there’s loads more in PRAISE #10. The issue is out today with three different covers and 160 pages for 5 Euros at selected newsstands, in train stations and airports and the best sneaker boutiques all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Print rules!