M-65 at Bulang and Sons

Once more I have delivered my share of text work for an exciting project by Bulang and Sons: An exclusive menswear and apparel collection around the iconic M-65 field jacket.

The M-65 was initially produced by the US army for the Vietnam war and has turned into an international menswear staple since then – and not only because Al Pacino wore it in “Serpico”. Its robust, no-frills style fits any occasion and most any type of gentleman.

For their latest collection, Bulang and Sons have dug up 25 authentic M-65 pieces at an Italian surplus dealer and turned them into really special items – with some tailoring, patches, buttons and more. In addition, there are some exclusive products inspired by the M-65, like watch straps made from the original jackets’ ripstop material.

The 25 individualized jackets were quickly sold out – my pieces about the collection, the jacket and its history as well as the straps are still online, as are some of the products. I say thanks for the nice assignment – and remain curious about the next endeavors of Bernhard und Giacomo!