The Hummel Hive Story

Once again I have covered a nice topic for the Sneakers Magazine – in issue # 36 you will find an extensive portrait of the Danish brand Hummel and its modern design “Hive”.

“Hummel” means “Bumblebee”, Hive means Hive – yes, that goes together like the bee and the basket! That’s why it was a lot of fun to take a deep look at the history of the brand – from the humbel (see what I did there?!) beginnings in Hamburg to the modern design lab Hive. After all, Hummel is one of the major European sportswear trademarks.

My feature can be found in the latest printed issue of Sneakers Magazine, which is now available at selected newsstands, footwear shops and can be ordered online. EDIT: The full feature is now also available online and for free on the Sneakers Magazine website!

Pic courtesy of Sneakers Magazine.