18 Years of Spirits Pt. 2

The Spirits bar in Cologne turns 18 this saturday – and I can say I’ve been there from the start. To live it up, here’s the second of two DJ mixes: A funky beat excursion from 2004.

I’ve already written a little about the bar itself in the first post, so this is more about the mix which was recorded live from vinyl at the bar sometime in the summer of 2004. In contrast to the first mix I posted last week, this one’s all about broken beats and electronic funk – the kind of music I played most in the mid-00s (what else can we call that era?!).

Besides music from labels such as Mo’Wax or Pulver Records, there’s also some tracks from Switchstance Recordings, where I was still a steady member of the DJ collective at the time. Speaking of “at the time”: Back in the day, this mix made the rounds under the name “Ses and the City” – but for this occasion a little re-naming seemed in order.

If you can make it, drop by this saturday at the Spirits bar for the 18th birthday party, where I will be spinning a few records alongside some other seasoned resident DJs!