Nordic at Bulang and Sons

Over the last months, I’ve written quite a lot for my friends at Bulang and Sons. From watch straps to furniture to street style – here’s an overview for all things “Nordic”.

It’s always a pleasure doing business with Bulang and Sons. They are great people who work in a field where I feel very much at home as well – the finer things in life. For their latest batch of exclusive leather watch straps, they went with a cool theme that references Scandinavian design and style in an understated way. We called it the Nordic Collection.

For the launch of this project, I wrote a number of features that appear in the magazine on their website. First came an introduction to the Nordic Collection, the “full story of these extraordinary yet pure leather watch straps”. Next up was a piece about Three Nordic Design Favorites of Lars Triesch, founder of the vintage design store Original in Berlin.

Another article that was a treat to work on is about a collector of vintage pieces from Danish hi-fi giants Bang & Olufsen – it’s all about Function Follows Form. And I was happy to bring in Soren Jepsen, a renowned street style photographer and creative from Denmark, to provide some answers and pics for a piece on Nordic Design and Style.

Around these four main pieces to introduce and celebrate the Nordic Collection, I’ve done quite a bit of text work for various products that are new in stock at Bulang and Sons – and of course, I have tried my best to find the right words for the top-notch watch straps of the collection. I hope it’s as much a pleasure to read as it was to write all of this!

Pic courtesy of Bulang and Sons.