Six Years of Riddim Box

In 2011 I was a founding member of the Riddim Box party crew. Exactly six years later, we’re presenting our anniversary special. And you can win tickets for that at!

What seemed like a good idea at the time still does today: Bring all the beautiful, bold and bass-laden club music from the UK together at one beautiful, bold and bass-laden party. And it worked! We soon did monthly nights in our hometown of Cologne. During the next years, we took the Riddim Box vibe to clubs and festivals all over Germany.

But of course it wasn’t meant to last. As a crew of nine DJs, there is always going to be something going on with someone. And it probably didn’t help the party that most of us were in our 30s when we started the Box, with jobs and families and bills to pay. After a while, the regular parties faded and we only did a guest stint here or a special there.

With the sixth anniversary coming up, the time seemed right to bring the band back together. And so we’re taking over our former resident spot – the good old Roxy club – for a night full of #aoukbm – All Out UK Bass Music. And you can get down with us!

Maybe even for free, as I’m giving away 2×2 tickets for the party at – but only in the German version of this post, as it only makes sense for our Cologne mandem! EDIT: The giveaway and the party have already happened and were great! But here’s a treat for you, which may also serve as an appetizer for next saturday: The video of the DJ set I did for Riddim Box at our local Boiler Room precursor “BangButze”.

Six Years of Riddim Box
Saturday, 29.04.17, 10pm
Roxy Club, Aachener Str. 2, Cologne