Relaunch at Bulang and Sons

Over the last months, I have been writing a lot for the new website of Bulang and Sons, a company dealing with leather watch straps, vintage watches and lifestyle accessories.

Residing in Heerlen just behind the Dutch border, Bulang and Sons has been going strong in the vintage watch and lifestyle business for quite a while now. Through an old friend and colleague from the Sneaker Freaker Germany years, they asked me late last year to provide some of my wordsmithery for several areas of their new web shop and magazine.

Apart from the description of roughly 150 different leather watch straps across several collections, I have written a lot for their accessory selection, which on the one hand features watch essentials like tools, boxes or pouches and on the other a curated assortment of stationery, scarves and blankets, metal cuffs or magazines.

Furthermore, I have put down an in-depth article about the exclusive and rare bags from the Japanese Porter Yoshida brand. Since Bulang and Sons is among the select few retailers in Europe who now carry these precious items, a thorough introduction into the brand’s history – and how Bulang and Sons got to stock its products – seemed in order.

And my work for Bulang and Sons is not finished yet. Since those guys constantly refine their portfolio, there will be quite a few more texts and articles from me coming up over the next weeks and months. Just in case you’re wondering: yes, through the work for Bulang and Sons I have totally caught the vintage watch bug. But that’s a different story.

Thanks for the pic to Bernhard and Giacomo at Bulang and Sons!