The Box at Radio Love Love

Riddim Box Radio Love Love

Radio Love Love are currently uploading all their shows to Mixcloud – among them the beautiful episode which kleinski and I recorded representing the Riddim Box in 2013!

I stumbled upon all this because the link to the Show #207 – which I DJ’ed solo last year at Twit Uno’s – doesn’t work anymore. Thanks for nothing, Soundcloud. But since I’ve always been a fan of the Mixcloud, I’m delighted to let you know that all old shows from Radio Love Love are going up there for a listen, one by one.

Episode #141 was recorded alongside kleinski at the old Radio Love Love studios. At the time, we were busy promoting our party baby called Riddim Box, and thus we only played British music. But instead of tough UK Bass, there’s reggae, rap and beats of the more tender variation, even the drum’n’bass you’ll hear in the show is pretty smooth.

So until “my” episode is back online, I recommend “ours” – as I absolutely recommend all other episodes of Radio Love Love. And while we’re talking about recommendations: In just a few days our huge Karneval event is going down again in Cologne! See you there!