Headz Too at 674.fm

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Just over a month ago, I got another invitation to DJ at the web radio 674.fm – in a second show about the topic of “Headz”. My mix recorded there is now up for a spin over here.

In late 2014, my dear old friend and fellow DJ Thury Tonarm had invited me to his “Milestones” show – streamed live and uncut from the 674.fm studio every other monday – for the first time. That edition of the show was already dedicated to the “Headz”.

In the 90s, “Headz” stood for a British sound hybrid based on HipHop and stealing from every style of music to create fat, often psychedelic, sometimes gloomy tracks. The term was coined by the Mo’Wax label which published great compilations under this name.

The whole affair was often filed under TripHop (already a foul name at the time) but I always found that too limited. Because with these headz, anything could happen. One example: When I saw Mo’Wax founder James Lavelle DJing in Cologne’s Wartesaal venue, he opened with proper Manchester Rave. And this was during the label’s heyday!

And so, for my second headz set at Thury’s in this last december, I packed a colorful bag of vinyl which contained little “real” headz music. It starts with Twit Uno, DJ Shadow and Howie B, then swings from José Feliciano, some electric funk and a Kraftwerk edit to a few old drum’n’bass tracks from the likes of Dillinja or 4Hero, closing with a calm piece by Gaussian Curve. The mantra: This is Headz Too! Enjoy!

PS: Thanks to Thury and 674.fm for the invitation! It’s always a pleasure!