Sneaker Round Table


Two weeks ago I was invited to hang out at the fourth Praise Magazine sneaker round-table. Now the recording of this – German-speaking – talk show is finally online.

Even if it may appear in the pic above like I didn’t enjoy myself – I was really very happy about the invitation. And since I had already been a guest for the premiere of “The Sneakers Society” in April, I was curious as to how the format had evolved since then.

For the first “Stammtisch” we were sat in the old Beverly pub (RIP) and drank way too much way too soon. This time there was a real studio, more equipment and a now well-practiced team. And the drinking quizzes were not as harsh, which made the evening quite relaxed and the discussions much more civilized and interesting.

At the table were professional and/or passionate sneaker enthusiasts from all walks of life: blog lady Anni Bolika, Solebox and Sonra founder Hikmet Sugoer, Max Fritsche of the Sneakerness event series, Klaus aka “Ascoyne” from the TGWO shop and Caiza of the Kicks In The Hall event. The “wildcard” went to the young local Marcel.

Together we talked about this last sneaker year, personal highlights, the evolution of a few brands and more. The video recording of this talk show – hosted well by my man Rami – is now up for your viewing pleasure below. Once again, German only. Entschuldigung!

Many thanks to Praise for the invitation and to @eskalizer187 for the beautiful pics!