A Talk with Mr Maharishi


In 2014 I got the assignment to go to London and conduct an interview with Maharishi founder and camouflage expert Hardy Blechman. It became a trip I still like to remember.

What brought all this about was a collaboration between Maharishi and G-Shock which was celebrated in a Brick Lane venue. I seized the opportunity by trying to get my edition of the book “Disruptive Pattern Material” signed – kind of the bible of camouflage, which was originally published by DPM expert Blechman back in 2004.

A crackpot idea, since the book weighs more than eight pounds which I had to lug all over the East End, and then I even got lost a bit. But finally I managed to sit down with Hardy Blechman and we talked even longer than intended. In the end I got my book out for him to sign it, and Blechman stopped short.

It turned out I had the US edition of his book, which he didn’t like so much, since a part of his original content was missing. And so Blechman wrestled through the party crowd with me in tow, unlocked a glass cupboard, took the missing tome out and handed it to me.

Subsequently, he signed both books, politely bowed out and went dancing. And there I stood in old London with my very heavy book bag and was left in disbelief. And in a way I still am. My interview with Blechman is still up for a read over at Sneaker Freaker.