Adidas Gazelle in Praise Mag


A while ago I was asked to write a cover story about the Adidas Gazelle for Praise Mag #02. Now my feature about the legendary shoe has made its way online.

Exclusively for the feature many new colourways of the model – which just celebrated its 50th anniversary – were shot by the Praise team in the midst of fresh fruit. That works well with the timeless Gazelle, the history of which I recount in my essay.

Adidas designer Jean Khalifé aka John Kaiser Knight was part of the team who recently resurrected the Gazelle and is featured with a quote in my article. He sent me a nice drawing of the shoe which sadly didn’t make it into the printed mag – so I’m posting it up above. My text about the Adidas Gazelle is up for a read (in German only!) online here.