A Kid’s Tape


A slightly different DJ mix by yours truly – for a slightly different audience: A Kid’s Tape has turned out as some kind of an easy listening compilation for small (and big) children.

Children’s music, a tough topic. I’m not gonna name names, but in the face of most all songs for the little people I just want to run away crying. Yes, there may very well be great children’s music. But from my understanding, this globe-embracing, magical, great thing we call music is as border- as it is ageless. And that’s what I want to teach my offspring.

I’ve been a father for about a year now and play lots of vinyl for my kid. I don’t mind if he listens to holi opera or drum & hate (which most probably will exist in the future) as a teenager – for now, I’ve still got the longer stylus. And also I’ve checked soon what seems to work for the son of Ses’ ears: warm reggae, sweet soul, playful pop, a bit of African music and house that doesn’t bounce too hard.

And thus I compiled a mix tape for the little man (in me as well) a while ago already. Airy and funny songs and tracks to go wild or get carried (away), that invite you to hum or sing along – and it totally doesn’t matter if the words are coming out right or wrong. From Mouse on Mars over to John Lennon, Lee Perry, surf folk, a Turkish disco edit or Japan’s Sam & Valley, it’s quite the selection.

And since I’m sure that the whole thing not only works for my child but for ears of all ages, I’ve decided to put this colorful bag up for everybody to have a listen. One thing before you hit the play button: I’m not planning start a late career as a kid’s birthday party DJ. Even though the working hours look appealing.


Mouse on Mars – Gocard
Dorothy Ashby – Joyful Grass And Grape
John Lennon – Beautiful Boy
Steve & Teresa – Catching A Wave
Le Grand Callé – Miwela Miwela
Gene Lawrence – After Sunrise
Carroll Thompson – Sing Me A Love Song
Minzoto Wella-Wella – Kadi-Munga
The Upsetter – Tidal Wave
Hamam Edits – Honki Ponki
Al-Tone Edits – Believe
Gino Bomino – Save The World Now
Lord Kitchener – Sugar Bum
Sam and Valley – Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go
A Reminiscent Drive – Life is Beautiful
Twit One – Oldtimer