That Kendrick Interview

Kendrick Lamar @ The Twenty-Two

My interview with Kendrick Lamar was printed in Sneakers Magazine #31 a while back. I almost missed that the feature has been put up online for a free read by now.

But only almost. So here it is, for all those who only want to read my interview and not the entire, real high-class magazine: Kendrick Lamar on style and other things. Possibly not the deepest interview ever, but also not that bad for a 15 minute press junket with five other media peeps from three continents.

A bit of background: Even though he was obviously pretty tired, even though there were a proper handful of these press junkets over the course of the afternoon, and even though he was shuttled to a rap workshop in-between these and his gig at the Reebok event later that night, Kendrick Lamar took his time for every question and came over as very friendly, open and direct, even beyond the typical professionalism of a star from the US.

I was thoroughly impressed by my Manchester encounter with Lamar and it has led me to dig deeper into his music and words. Other than with many of the interchangeable trapster noses which we are served as “rappers” nowadays, I’m very much looking forward to keep in check with this artist’s evolution in the future.

And finally, one last Thank You to the Sneakers Magazine for this neat assignment!