Adidas Gazelle in Praise Mag


A while ago I was asked to write a cover story about the Adidas Gazelle for Praise Mag #02. Now my feature about the legendary shoe has made its way online.

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A Kid’s Tape


A slightly different DJ mix by yours truly – for a slightly different audience: A Kid’s Tape has turned out as some kind of an easy listening compilation for small (and big) children.

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Sesner Tings


Not the biggest fan of Stranger Things, but it was definitely fun. Just like the Stranger Things Type Generator with which the above pic was created. Sesner Tings, y’all!

That Kendrick Interview

Kendrick Lamar @ The Twenty-Two

My interview with Kendrick Lamar was printed in Sneakers Magazine #31 a while back. I almost missed that the feature has been put up online for a free read by now.

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