Socks and the City


For a long time, I found the Adidas NMD as lame as the headline of this post. Now I’m wearing the NMD City Sock on my bruised foot and have to admit: I was wrong.

Before, I knew the Boost material only from the Ultra Boost, and although I keep the concept and look of that shoe in high regard, its sole is feeling a wee bit too soft for me. That is also the reason why I have shied away from the NMD in the last half year, while the rest of the world instantly clears every new colourway, every new version.

With the NMD, Adidas has added another crown to its sneaker crusade that has been going on for almost two years now. But it was only when the totally stripped-down NMD City Sock appeared that I became intrigued. And after I melted my ligaments at the Melt! Festival and had to wear an Aircast, the time seemed right for the City Sock.


The woven upper is as thin as the sole, which at first sight appears thicker than the Ultra Boost’s but offers impressive grip. The bars on the outsides of the NMD midsoles always seemed a bit too techy to me – here I like them, all the more because the bigger one comes in classic Adidas blue which is a great replacement for the missing Three Stripes.


For my Robocop leg this shoe makes total sense – the upper offers enough flexibility for my cast and I don’t have to unnecessarily widen all my Holy Grails. Plus, in a warm climate this sock offers tons of uncaged, unlaced, airy comfort. The bottom line: Thou shalt not dis the shoe before wearing it!