Block Party at Melt! 2016


I went to the Melt! Festival 2016 alongside Hade & DWFL  – and in addition to a bruised leg, I brought back a lot of pictures from the far east of Germany.

I wasn’t too excited before going, since I’ve been to Ferropolis a few times and know the premises and all of the proceedings around the festivities all too well by now. And, what’s more, for the first time since 2012 I wasn’t directly involved with ideas, contacts, blood, sweat and tears in planning and carrying out “our” party at the festival.

Still I wanted to be part of the proceedings and play a nice DJ set at the new location and in a new format which was presented by the media threesome of Intro, Festivalguide and Praise Mag. But just a quarter of an hour after the DJ brethren Hade & DWFL and I had arrived, I rolled my ankle in the most stupid way.

In the medic tent they gave my bulbous foot the all-clear and two Ibuprofen pills and sent me on my way. I couldn’t really enjoy the festival afterwards, even though everybody around took good care of me. Thus, friday night was cut short. By saturday I was pretty much back on track and could even take a look at the newly installed areas.

After the set of Hade & DWFL at the Block Party we stumbled upon Kode 9 playing an incredibly good set with unheard-of, mental beats at the Modeselektor stage. Real future music, accompanied by the ever so great visuals of the stage. But soon my sprained ligaments reminded me of my condition and so back to the hotel it was.

Sunday was to be the day. While DJing, I had the setting sun on my side and played a relaxed all-vinyl set. Afterwards we checked out Black Madonna, who let loose some great house choons at the Big Wheel stage, and finally let the Melt! Festival fade out between our area’s containers.

Thanks to all involved for a big week-end – you know who you are!