Fakroun X Mondino X Coluche

One for my francophile Homiés: The big 80s hit by the big Ahmed Fakroun in a video by the big Jean-Baptise Mondino with a cameo by the big Coluche. Big!

I got introduced to the album “Mots d’Amour” by Ahmed Fakroun just the other day by fellow vinyl enthusiast Hade. Lebanese Fakroun is noted for being a pioneer of borderless pop music since the 1970s, and the album from 1983 contains quite a few catchy tunes.

The video up above was produced in France for the album’s single “Soleil Soleil” – by none other than Jean-Baptiste Mondino, a photographer, graphic artist and director who was very active and influential in the 80s.

Guest starring in the video is the French artist Coluche. Known to most outside of France for his roles in the comedies of Louis de Funès, I grew fond of Coluche years ago by way of the unmissable Noir crime movie “So Long, Stooge” (Original title: “Tchao Pantin”).

For his role as a drinking ex-cop and gas station attendant Coluche was awarded the French Oscar as Best Actor back then. Furthermore, he founded the soup kitchen initiative “Les Restos de Coeur” before his untimely demise in a road accident in 1986.