Them Luxury Goods


Finally I have gotten a hold of one of my sneaker grails, the Concepts x New Balance 997 “Luxury Goods” – and finally the weather was just right to let it out of the box.

I was an instant fan when the shoe was released in the spring of 2015 – but still it was going to take some time until it found its way to me at last. This collaboration between New Balance and Boston store Concepts combines many things I’ve been known to hype.

First and foremost, there’s that colourway. Orange is one of my favorite tones, though with clothing it makes total sense to not take it too far (except for buddhist monks maybe). The same goes for sneakers: little dashes of tangerine are plenty enough.

But with the “Luxury Goods”, the all-over orange totally works because – and that’s the second Brownie point of this collab – it comes on an absolutely luxurious, very delicate suede, complemented by supple hide on the tongue and heel cap.

And then, it’s simply another very well-done NB M997. For a long time, the 998 was my favorite model from New Balance. By now it’s been replaced by the 997, which is a bit more pointy and also features a slightly thinner sole in the front.

As mentioned, the workmanship on the US-made 997 is always great, and the “Luxury Goods” makes no exception. No pinching with the leather inner lining. Every seam is right. The outsole is applied accurately, without even the tiniest visible bits of adhesive.

Obviously, these precious items step outside only in the finest of weathers and on the most special of occasions. Whether I will reach out for the “Rosé” and the “City Rivalry”, the other gorgeous 997s from Concepts?! We’ll see. Good things come to those who wait.